NASEO 2016 Annual Meeting
Celebrating 30 Years of State Energy Policy and Program Success

This year’s topical and regional breakouts and networking events are designed to enhance public-private engagement and support the elevation of priority energy issues. Topics include:

  • Financing and incentivizing energy infrastructure modernization
  • Equity and access – unlocking low and moderate income energy and economic opportunities
  • Energy storage is finally coming of age – economic applications, strategic policy, and cutting edge batteries 
  • Electric system convergence – grid, distributed resources, storage, demand response, and IT
  • Offshore wind energy and utility scale solar – programs and policies guiding the incoming renewable wave
  • Interconnections – Grid-to-buildings-to-vehicles – programs and planning to lower total consumer energy costs and ease environmental compliance impacts
  • America's energy renaissance part 2 –  economic and environmental sustainability solutions to support shale oil and gas
  • Modular nuclear – smaller, safer, more efficient and moving from planning to construction    
  • Zero Energy Districts – community scale clean tech infrastructure for economic revitalization 
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems – disruptive efficiency options to lower costs, improve congestion, and lower emissions
  • EV highways and communities – tapping utility and real estate infrastructure investment to enable EV everywhere
  • Comprehensive State Energy Planning – Lessons Learned and New Approaches
  • Electricity ratemaking and regulation – what every State Energy Office needs to know
  • U.S. State Energy Program – Operations, Guidance, and Successes
  • Energy Savings Performance Programing – Statewide Program Innovations
  • Residential energy labeling – understanding what may drive consumer decisions
  • Integrating "resilience thinking" into state energy programs for transportation and buildings
  • State and local climate change economics – mitigating the cost of adaptation 
  • State and local public facility lead by example programs
  • Energy education – encouraging teachers and students to engage in our energy future

Sessions will feature State Energy Officials, NASEO Affiliate Members, and other key partners

NASEO will host several workshops throughout the conference. Topics include:

  • Residential Energy Labeling and Financing Workshop
  • Energy Storage and the Integrated Grid Workshop
  • Integrating Affordability and Equity into State Energy Policy Workshop